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  • Q How long will it take to deliver my item?

    A This can vary based on the delivery method that we has provided or that you have chosen. 

    The overall delivery time of the goods consists of the preparation time and the transportation time. The availability time will be different for different products. We will show this in the Availability field of each product detail. If for unusual reasons the goods have not been shipped after the indicated time, we will notify you by email. You can also contact us to get an answer.

  • Q Can I change my shipping address?

    A Log into your plesdutrin account and click through to Account>my address. There you can choose to 'edit' an existing address or select add an new address.

    If you have already paid for your order and found that the shipping address is incorrect, please contact our support center and we will help you to change your shipping address, there is no need to go to paypal or credit card institution to submit a refund in this case.

    If your package has been sent out, usually, it is not possible to modify the address, if the package has already left the customs, then the return will incur high costs, usually the shipping company can not provide services to modify the address. In the unlikely event of such an unfortunate event, please contact us for consultation.
  • Q Where is my order?

    First of all, please check if your package has been shipped, you can check the status of your order through the Member Center. If you purchased through a visitor (the system will automatically send you a link to activate your membership) and have not activated your membership account, then check your email to see if you have received a shipping notice, sometimes you need to check your spam box. If none of the above helps, then please contact our after-sales support directly: support@pleasurein.com. We will get back to you within 24 hours.
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